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Friday, August 28, 2009

Forex Trading Ideas

AIME is effective because of its clear-cut methodology - it teaches the traders how to use all of the above tools together in a simple system to confidently and effectively trade the Forex.


                                        AIME is...

The Forexmentor-AIME workshop will be grounded in the Forexmentor course, and focus is on the correct and practical application of Peter's system, using: Pivot Points, Candles, Patterns, MACD, Trendlines & "Insider" tips, tricks and everyday wisdom

AIME is a step-by-step method for trading currencies that teaches students to uncover opportunities, enter, monitor, and exit trades, and evaluate and really learn from any trade they make.

AIME is an acronym and stands for:

A = Access the market 
I = Identify opportunities
M = Move into a trade ( enter ), M=Monitor the trade, M= Move out of the trade ( exit ) 
E = Evaluate the trade 

AIME is an intense 2-day, hands on, " in the trenches" trading "WORK" shop


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